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About the regional unit

Perm Standalone Structural Subdivision of Uralzheldorproject Institute  — the Branch Office of JSC Roszheldorproject

1- О филиале-здание института.jpgThe team of Perm Standalone Structural Subdivision of Institute has rich experience in design works and is able to solve challenging engineering and town-planning tasks. Buildings and structures built pursuant to the projects of the Standalone Structural Subdivision may be seen in all cities and settlements of the Perm Territory and even beyond its territory. The Department develops projects for construction of new tracks and projects for modernization and capital repair of railway tracks. Projects of restoration of buildings with the status of architectural monuments were implemented on account of the resources of the construction group, including station building at Perm-I station, training building of Perm Railway College and etc.

In 75 years of existence of Perm Standalone Structural Subdivision, the creative team has been formed, where experienced designers work, including G.S. Isachenkova, E.T. Pishchanskaya, N.I. Popova, V.N. Fedotov, A.A. Nizov. The great merit of it is of V.M. Trubin, who had headed the subdivision for long time.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Balizin has been directing Perm Standalone Structural Subdivision since 2003.
Today, Perm Standalone Structural Subdivision is a large structure. The Subdivision has the construction group, railway group specializing in development of projects of railways, transport and engineering structures and survey group.

The Subdivision is equipped with state-of-the-art technical aids, problems and tasks regarding provision with new software packages are being solved.