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Construction of a New Bridge Across the Ob River at 605 km of Omsk–Altaysk stage of West-Siberian Railway, Kamen-na-Obi

The new bridge across Ob allowed to significantly increase the volumes of traffic moving through the Central Siberian passage, which accommodates main transit cargo volumes from Kuzbass to European parts of Russia.

The new bridge is designed to operate alongside the existing one, 25 m higher along the Ob River. Besides the construction of the new bridge, the project makes provisions for the construction of access embankments with the height of 17.2 m, as well as the construction of new overbridges across Tomskaya and Kolesnikova Streets and across VOKhR town.

The mutual arrangement of designed buildings and structures was determined based on existing development of adjacent territory, process flow, possibility for laying utility lines, as well as requirements of sanitary and fire fighting rules and regulations.

The decks shall be made of metal, beams and girders shall accommodate underneath traffic on reinforced concrete slabs. Supports shall be made of reinforced concrete.

Pile substructure shall be made of bored piles, the support body shall made of contour blocks. Girder spans shall be mounted by means of cranes, girders shall be mounted by means of cantilevered erection.

The construction of the bridge was completed in short period of time.