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Combined (Motor and Railway) Road Adler — «Alpika Service» Including Construction of Second Continuous Railway Line at the Sochi-Adler-Veseloye Stretch (Design and Research Works, Construction)

Combined (Motor and Railway) Road Adler — «Alpika Service» Mountain Climatic Resort shall become the main transportation artery of Olimpics-2014 and enhance the regional infrastructure by connecting it to the federal highway М-27 by means of road interchanges.

The new road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana shall be arranged mainly along the left bank of the Mzymta River. The designers took into account almost all particular features of natural landscape and arranged the railway and motor road in parallel. 9 tunnels with the overall length of over 27 km, as well as 42 bridges, were constructed here. By implementing such solution, new motor way connected Adler with terminal station «Alpika Service» almost following a straight line. The overall length of combined road amounts to 48.2 km.

The projected traffic volume for Adler — Krasnaya Polyana railroad shall amount to 6 sets of trains per hour. The trains shall be moving across this stretch at the speed of 160 km/h. Positioning of the trains shall be implemented by means of the GLONASS global positioning system.