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Orthodox Church in Lesosibirsk, Promyshlennaya Str.

The project of the Church makes provisions for its construction on an artificially created embankment, approximately 3 meters high. A beautiful three-level front staircase connects the entrance and the temple areas of the complex. The composition center of the church complex is represented by the Church of St. Andrew the First having an irregular layout. The Church of St. Andrew the First has three towers. It has a ship type structure, has four columns with cross-like internal arrangement of the church space. The most stunning examples of the Old Russian Architecture Schools of Chernigov and Novgorod served as the basis for the creation of the Church’s shape. The distinctiveness of the spacial structure is emphasized with unusual brilliance of the exterior of the Church. Bricks used for architectural and plastic details add a special expression and immensity to the exterior of the Church.