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Arrangement of railway communication Sochi-Adler-«Sochi» Airport including construction of new Adler-Airport Railway Line

For arrangement of intermodal suburban service, the Project «Arrangement of railway communication Sochi-Adler-„Sochi“ Airport including construction of new Adler-Airport Railway Line» was developed and the correspondent facilities were constructed between railway stations, i.e. Sochi, Adler and «Sochi» Airport. The documents were developed pursuant to p.34 of the «Program of construction of Olympic venues and development of Sochi as mountain climatic resort» approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation as of December 29, 2007 No. 991 (as revised by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation as of July 27, 2009 No. 613). Pursuant to the traffic schedule developed for the period of Olympic Games, the new railway line will be able to ensure arrival and departure of passengers during the Olympic Games in the amount exceeding 82 thousand passengers per day, which is 60% of the total amount of airline passengers.

Under the challenging engineering, geological and topographical conditions of highlands with multiple landslide areas, a great number of man-made structures need to be designed and constructed. The total length of retaining walls amounts to 0.98 km.

Special technical solutions for construction of ramps need to be developed because of the existing unstable seismic environment.

«Airport» station includes:

indoor roadside stop with the length of 135 m., and width 8 m.; building of the stop pavilion with the total floor space of 2537.2 m²; sheltered crosswalk between the building of the stop pavilion and the building of the airport.