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Complex reconstruction of Saint Petersburg – Moscow Railway Main Line for high-speed traffic of passenger trains

Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Railway Communication of the Russian Federation No. 26 as of 28.09.1994 indicated that one of the most important tasks aimed at improvement of public transport services with consideration of the specifics of the market-driven economy is a step-by-step development of high-speed traffic of passenger trains.

Moreover, clause 2 of the Decision specified: «To determine Moscow—Saint Petersburg direction as the basic direction for arrangement of train traffic at the speed of up to 200 km/hour»

«Giprotransput» Institute was entrusted with the following task:

— to perform the complex reconstruction of the main line on a priority basis with accomplishment of main works in 2000;

— to ensure development of the project of the complex reconstruction including works on the capital repair alongside with production of work documents;

— to provide in the project of line reconstruction for liquidation of one-level transport junctions and to provide for line enclosure;

— to develop a program of creation of basic companies for repair of track vehicle park and coordinate it with relevant administrations of the Ministry of Railway Communication.