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About the regional unit

Orel Sector of the Signaling, Interlocking and Communication Department, the Regional Department of the Branch Office

Orel Sector of the Signaling, Interlocking and Communication Department is a structural subdivision of the Signaling, Interlocking and Communication Department of Moscow Design and Research Institute with the headcount of 18 specialists.

In 40 years of its existence Orel Sector have performed hundreds of facilities of electric interlocking of small stations and thousands of kilometers, automatic interlocking and centralized traffic control facilities.

The major projects include work projects of electric interlocking at Kursk, Orel, Tula, Serpukhov, Mtsensk, Ryazhsk-1, Lyublino, Pavelets, Plekhanovo, Mytishchi, Ramenskoye and other stations.

The work project of high-speed traffic at Moscow-Kazanskaya-Ramenskoe sections, as well as the work project of automatic interlocking at Kurovskaya-Cherusti section and others were performed.