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The Design and Research Group of the Railway Service of the former Moscow-Kiev Railway in Kaluga — now the Branch Office of Moscow Design and Research Institute «Moszheldorproekt» (sector of the tracks and service department) of JSC «Russian Railway» was founded almost 70 years ago.

At that time, as the territory was liberated from the Nazi invaders, the railway workers faced the challenge of urgent reconstruction of the facilities destroyed by the war.

The railway workers had to completely and timely provide for transport needs of the front and the entire national economy in general within the shortest time possible.

Successful achievement of the task was much relied on designers, therefore the management of the Railway Service of the Moscow-Kiev Railway decided to create its mobile group of design specialists.

In May 1944, engineer M.I. Lunyushkin was instructed to form such group.

The first worker of the group was K.A. Nikolskaya graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. She was hired on July 22, 1944.

Then, V.S. Klochkova and V.V. Sokolova were hired on October 18, 1944. There had been 14 employees by the end of 1944.

Since its foundation, the group had been reorganized numerous times, but every time it revived due to diligence, professionalism and responsible attitude of the employees.

In 1972, the headcount of the group amounted to 76 engineers and technicians: track specialists, bridge specialists, specialists in design of civil and industrial buildings. The peak of the company’s growth occurred during those years.

In 70 year of its existence, the group went through a number of reorganizations: location of office facilities and name of the company alongside with its status changed 10 times.

Only one thing remained unchanged, i.e. the solid team of soul-mates with the common idea remained the base of the group.