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About the regional unit

Regional Department of the Branch Office Sector of the Tracks and Stations Department in Kaluga

The Sector of the Tracks and Stations Department of Moszheldorproject Institute in Kaluga carries out design of internal and external approach railway lines oriented towards progressive resource-saving technologies in construction, repair, and technical maintenance of railway tracks, introduction of effective structures enhancing traffic capacity and safety.

The works on design of the following projects are also carried out:

  • Capital repair of tracks including complete replacement of upper superstructures with superstructures made of new materials accompanied with fine cleaning of broken-stone and transfer to continuous welded rail;
  • Capital repair of tracks including complete replacement of upper superstructures with less worn-out superstructures or with superstructures made of used material with partial renewal of the ballast;
  • Enhanced medium repair of tracks with fine cleaning of broken-stone, reconstruction of normal sizes of the body of the ballast and road-bed shoulders;
  • Operating technological processes with the maximum use of track machines and «windows» provided for the above purposes, as well as with closing of train traffic;

  • A separate group of the sector carries out design works on repair and reconstruction of the existing bridges, overbridges and pedestrian crossings at railways and major railway stations, carries out reorganization of small bridges with modern design pipe culverts. It carries out design work and preparation of estimates for construction of new bridges and overbridges at railways and railway stations of new directions.