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Nursery for 290 Beds with a Swimming-Pool at Sayanskaya Station of the Krasnoyarsk Railway

Pre-school Institution for children is located in a separate two-storey building. The capacity of the nursery is 290 children of 1.5 to 7 years of age, who are divided into six age groups. The set of rooms of the nursery and their floor spaces are accepted pursuant to the requirements of the regulatory documents. The nursery consists of 18 group modules, a gym, a room for music and dancing classes, a swimming pool, classrooms, a medical aid station, a food unit, a laundry, administration and amenity spaces, utility rooms and a carpentry shop.

The facades of the building are finished with observation of traditional style and resemble a street of an ancient «crafts city» with towers, weathercocks, hammered grills and anchors from ancient workshops. Sculptural compositions depicting ancient masters — hammer-men, carvers, armorers and others — are located in wall niches.