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About the Branch

Krasnoyarskzheldorproject Krasnoyarsk Design and Research Institute — the Branch Office of JSC Roszheldorproject


Krasnoyarskzheldorproject Krasnoyarsk Design and Research Institute — the Branch Office of JSC Roszheldorproject operates in the field of comprehensive engineering. The main activity of the Institute is aimed at timely and high-quality meeting of the customer’s requirements with regard to design and research works, other works and services.

Pursuant to the procedures established by the federal laws and other standard regulations, the Institute carries out the following types of activities: 

  • Execution of pre-project, design, engineering-geological, engineering-geodesic, engineering-ecological and other design and survey works;
  • Elaboration of investment intentions, investment justifications, performance of feasibility studies, and calculations for construction purposes;
  • Acquisition of initial permissive documentation for design of construction, renovation and overhaul of facilities;
  • Performance of the functions of the industry-based, territorial design company regarding design of railway facilities;
  • Performance of the functions of the general designer regarding design of railway facilities, industrial and civil construction;
  • Designer supervision over construction and renovation of facilities, as well as participation in the work of review committees for facility commissioning;
  • Rendering technical assistance and services to the Company’s employees and to the public within the scope of the activities of the branch office through the available main resources and capacities;
  • Rendering of consulting services and technical support in design and construction.

  • Completeness and quality of project documents for facilities designed by the Institute are achieved on account of the highly qualified personnel, advanced technical equipment, including the normative and technical base. The specialists of the Institute regularly improve their knowledge through career enhancement trainings, attendance and participation in different seminars and conferences.

    For the purposes of quality management of design and estimate documents, the Quality Management System (QMS) meeting the standard ISO 9001 is introduced and enforced in the Institute.

    The Institute is equipped with modern electronic and calculating equipment, powerful multiplying equipment, software (with access to the single local network), high-precision geodetic equipment (satellite and navigation GPS-systems «Trimble», «Status», electronic total stations «Sokkia», «Trimble», electronic transit instruments and etc.), mobile communication tools, modern laboratory equipment, drilling units based on «KamAZ» cars («Batyr») and ZIL-131 cars. All these allow performance of the entire complex of design and research works.

    The Institute implements the combined structure of organization of design and research works, i.e. the bureau of chief project managers consists of engineering survey department, tracks and stations department, general construction department, construction management plans and cost estimates department, technical department, IT department, project release department, initial permissive documents group, as well as specialized departments and groups.

    Krasnoyarskzheldorproject Institute is one of the leading institutes in the Krasnoyarsk Territory; its specialists are able to solve engineering challenges arising during design of facilities of different purposes.