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Quality management

JSC  Roszheldorproject is a multipurpose organization providing a wide range of design and exploration works for different types of facilities.

Our goal is to meet the most exacting expectations of our customers by provision of comprehensive design services which will be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, ensure maximal operational safety, as well as the most suitable and advantageous solutions supporting and even strengthening our reputation of reliable partner.

The means we approach this goal with are:

  • implementation of the corporate quality management system and persistent improvement of its performance;
  • improvement of existing design tools and application of advanced, efficient and rational solutions that will work to provide safety of people and environment;
  • concern about our personnel, implementation of motivation and carrier-guidance tools intended to create the climate of mutual confidence and respect;
  • continuing raising of qualifications, provision of conditions for the employees’ creative self-realization;
  • application of advanced design technologies using the leading software and computer solutions;
  • development of consumer relations to be better informed of their demands and expectations and use a flexible approach to satisfaction of the same.

      Our management is strongly committed to follow these principles as means to achieve our main goal for the benefit of our Customers, our Emploees, and improve the Company’s performance and contribution of each worker.