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Facilities and equipment

Branches of JSC Roszheldorproject are equipped with a full set of their own modern and high-precision equipment. The high competitiveness of the Institutes is provided by all necessary components like  logistical and information base, licensed software, including computer-aided design tools, the latest optical and digital instruments, laboratory equipment.

All these advantages, combined with the high professionalism of our specialists, planners and surveyors, allow the Company to lead the industry and perform the most complex customer projects in the shortest time .

The following equipment is used to conduct surveys:

— rigs of various types such as PBU, URB, UGB (59 pcs.);
— rigs of "Openok" type and analogues (26 pcs.);
— rigs of UKB-12/25 type and analogues (50 pcs.);
—  (30 pcs.).

The following equipment is used to conduct geological and geodesic surveys:

— electrical tachymetr (274 pcs.);
— GNSS (satellite) high-precision receivers (129 pcs.);
— georadars (37 pcs.);
— automated systems of soil investigations (ASIS) (19 pcs.);
— route searching receivers (70 pcs.);
— laser scanning systems (4 pcs.);
— punching equipment (12 pcs.).

Our company has 17 licensed laboratories for studying of soils. 


ББУ 000 1.jpg ББУ 000 2.jpg

"Openok"-type rigs

ББУ 001 2.JPG ББУ 001 1.JPG

"Openok"-type rig on the GAZ platform "Eger"

ББУ-001-81 1.JPG ББУ-001-81 2.JPG

"Openok"-type rig on the platform of "Los" CCV

ББУ-001-85 2.jpg ББУ-001-85 1.jpg

Rig (LBU-50)


Rig on the KAMAZ platform

ПБУ-2 на КАМАЗ 1.jpg ПБУ-2 на КАМАЗ 2.jpg

Rig on the base of MTLB

ПБУ-2 на МТЛБУ 1.jpg ПБУ-2 на МТЛБУ 2.jpg


УГБ-001 2.jpg